VSbulletin – Update to our Fare Basis Structure - Updated 30 Apr 2021

Last published on 4/5/2021

Update - 30 Apr 2021


After the successful implementation of our new fare basis structure last year for travel to USA, Canada and Mexico, we are ready to roll this out to other markets. This ensures harmonised pricing across different points of sale and alignment with our JV partners.


From 5th May 2021, our new fare basis structure, explained in full below, will be live for travel covering the following itineraries:


  • UK to Rest of the World
  • Rest of the World to UK
  • Europe to Rest of the World
  • Rest of the World to Europe
  • Rest of the World to U.S.
  • Caribbean to other Rest of World markets


The result of the new fare basis structure will mean that all four carriers; AF, KL, DL and VS will now only have one set of fares for the UK market that will have no restrictions on routing**.

* Our new fare basis structure also applies to interline and codeshare journeys to/from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Latin America and the Caribbean. It will also remain in place for journeys from USA, Canada and Mexico to Europe and V.V.


Branded fares character changes


Character change

Economy Light

‘B’ to ‘L’

Economy Classic

‘M’ to ‘S’ or 'N'

Economy Delight

‘C’ to ‘X’ 

Premium/Upper 'M' to 'N'

Please note these characters remain in Position 7 of the fare basis code

Ticket reissues

Unused tickets issued before taxonomy changes

  1. No change to 1st fare component



  1. Where there is a change to the 1st fare component


Re-price itinerary using historical fares in effect on the previous ticket date or using current fares in effect at the time of ticket re-issue, whichever is lower.


Re-price the itinerary using current fares in effect at the time of the re-issue


Partially used tickets issued before taxonomy changes

Re-price with historical fares from the original ticket issue date with the old fare basis codes


If you have any questions about this, please contact Sales Support on sales.support@fly.virgin.com

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